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May 27th Early Week Silver Market Update

Gold and silver investors returned to the marketplace on Tuesday to see risk-appetite shoot up considerably. As a result, both gold and silver spot values are trading down significantly and hitting multi-week lows. The crisis in Ukraine seems to be deescalating with each passing day and investors are becoming increasingly disinterested in what is now being touted as nothing more than a matter of regional concern.

A number of key election results are being filtered in and are taking their toll on the spot values of metals. As it stands, both gold and silver spot values are looking like they will be pegged lower for the time being.

Tensions In Ukraine Take 3 Steps Backwards

For the first time in well over a month, the crisis in Ukraine has begun to calm down. Over the weekend, Ukrainian citizens took to the polls in order to vote for a new president, one that would hopefully unite the country once more. As it stands, Petro Poroshenko is set to take over the reigns as president of Ukraine and has made it clear that he intends on working closely with Russia as well as the larger European community to bring stability back to both his country and the region.

Even Russian president Vladimir Putin has recently been heard saying that he and his country are willing to work with Ukraine in order to devise peaceful solutions to what has been a long and violent crisis. As you could have probably guessed, all this talk of peaceful resolution has done nothing more than increase risk-appetite amongst worldwide investors. As risk-appetite increases, demand for safe-haven precious metals is expected to move in the opposite direction, and that is exactly what we are seeing here in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

In other news from Europe, EU parliamentary elections were made public over the weekend and did well to calm a European marketplace that had been growing jittery over the past week or more. Both Italy and Germany saw their EU officials reelected, events which worked to calm the worries of investors who were under the impression that new, anti-EU candidates were set to take office. As a result of the weekend's election results, the euro currency was able to bounce back and regain some of the strength it had lost to the US Dollar barely more than a week ago.

Gold and silver are both trading down significantly through the first half of the day on Monday and, barring any fresh inputs, will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the day. As risk-appetite grows, the demand for gold and silver will undoubtedly take a noticeable hit.

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