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July 22nd Early Week Silver Market Update

Gold and silver spot values are falling victim to some profit-taking through the first half of the day on Tuesday. There is a good bit of US economic data on the slate for today, but the market's attention has and continues to be more readily placed on the geopolitical storm happening in various parts of the world. As a keener risk-appetite begins to set back in, the future of precious metals' spot values hangs in the balance.

Today's US Economic Data

Due to it being the middle of summer, economic data from the US and around the world has been hard to come by. What's more, the few pieces of economic data that do make their way to the marketplace tend to be more negligible than anything else. Today is set to bring about a few reports that will hopefully have some sort of impact on US equity markets. Among the reports set to be released today are a retail sales report, the latest consumer price index, real earnings report, and the US housing price index.

Geopolitics Dominate Trading Atmosphere

Despite there being some US economic on the table today, the investing world is continuing to pay close attention to the violence in Israel as well as the continued tensions in Ukraine. Today it was reported that pro-Russian separatists returned the bodies of the victims as well as the two flight recorders which were recovered from the wreckage. The cooperation of these rebels has calmed the nerves of the market considerably and, as such, has also lifted US equity markets. Despite this, relations between the US and Russia are continuing to wane as Russian president Vladimir Putin seems dedicated on being defiant with regard to what the US and the rest of the West want him to do in order to quell tensions.

In Israel, Israeli ground forces are continuing their raid of Gaza. The violence there has claimed more than 600 lives in the past few weeks and only seems to be growing worse with each passing day. Still, Hamas fighters are refusing to give up and have dug themselves in and seem like they are going to stick it out for the long haul. As the week progresses, I expect continued attention to be paid to the violence in Gaza.

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