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American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins

American Silver Eagle coins are perhaps the most recognized and collected coin in the entire world. No matter where you are, Eagles are relatively easy to locate and purchase. One of the primary reasons for this is the abundance of coins that are produced each and every year. In addition to this, the United States' position as the dominant currency in the world has allowed for this particular item to span not only North America, but also to the farthest corners of the world.

The storied history and acclaim of the Silver Eagle would lead most to believe that it has been around for several decades, and possibly even 100 years or more. Surprisingly, however, the coin was only first minted in 1986. As is the case with the majority of silver coins, the Eagle weighs in at exactly 1 troy ounce. Each edition of the coin throughout the years has remained relatively unchanged from the prior issues. Silver Eagles are not only popular among collectors, but also with investors as well.

Design of the Silver Eagle

Though the coin itself is somewhat new and very modern, the design that it features dates back nearly a century. The illustration on these coins is known as the "Walking Liberty" and was originally debuted by Adolph A. Weinmann, way back in 1916. Prior to its having been used on Silver Eagles, this design was displayed on the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, which was in circulation from 1916 through 1947. After this particular coin was retired, the design was once again resurrected and put to use on the Silver Eagle.


One of the unique and observable characteristics of the Silver Eagle coins is the fact that they do not carry actual mintmarks. Mintmarks identify at which mint a specific piece of bullion was manufactured at. For example, a nickel coin made in Delaware would include a "D" on the face of the coin itself. Aside from the exclusion, the Silver Eagle features similar markings to that of most any other form of currency in the world. With the $1 actual value clearly engraved, the coin also states its exact weight, which is precisely 1 oz.

Value of Silver Eagles

The actual value of raw, uncirculated Silver Eagles is relatively static throughout the years of production. If you are in the market for a generic uncirculated version of this coin, you should expect to pay around $5 over spot per ounce. Though there are a handful of years where production was more minimal and thus aftermarket prices are higher, almost every year that the coin has been minted, there was a plentiful supply. There is not so much true rarity found in the uncirculated Silver Eagles so much as there is an overwhelming demand for one of the most commonplace staples in coin collecting.

The caveat to the common price for uncirculated Silver Eagles is found when purchasing the newest edition of the coin. For example, if you are buying a 2015 Silver Eagle in the year 2015, you should expect to pay a few dollars extra over the standard premium affixed to all coins.

For Proof Silver Eagles, the rough price for the majority of years is right around a flat $100. The actual pricing of Proof coins will depend on the actual year, special markings, and any other attributes that would otherwise differentiate the coin from standard issues.

Buy Silver Eagle Coins

Silver Eagles are dynamic in the sense that they will fit perfectly into the portfolio of collectors and investors alike. For this reason, many buyers of the coins would not aptly describe themselves as mutual collectors or investors, but instead a hybrid of the two.

The affordability of most Silver Eagle coins is one of its most attractive assets. As an investor, you will find it easy to locate tubes of uncirculated coins (a tube contains 20 pieces) at a moderate discount.

For higher volume buyers, monster boxes are also available. Monster boxes of Silver Eagles contain hundreds of coins and are of course going to be quite expensive. The benefit of buying a monster box vs. loose tubes is that you will be able to earn a discount over the price of single coins. Whether you are a collector, investor, or even both, Silver Eagles are one of the top choices for coins that can and should be added to your collection or portfolio.