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Silver Guide, Articles, and Info

There is no shortage of people who are interested in buying silver for one reason or another. Some simply want to invest their paper in a real, hard asset; while others are looking to start a collection of coins. No matter your reasons for getting involved with silver and precious metals, there is little doubt that you will have a lot of questions that need to be answered. Our complete library of articles will not only answer your existing questions, but also allow you to become a well-rounded and informed buyer. Yes, the silver market can be moderately complex, but it is also quite simple at the very same time.

About Silver

These articles are all about silver itself. Who produces silver? How much does it cost? How is the price for silver set? These are all very fundamental yet also vital questions that any potential silver buyer will need to consider. Once you have the basic framework down and throgoughly understood, you will be able to more aptly make sound decisions when it comes time to actually buy.

The difference between various types of silver can be a bit overwhelming. Gauging the prices for coins when compared to standard bullion can leave even an experienced buyer completely confused. In the end, there are not actually all that many types of silver to choose from, and the price guidelines will remain fairly static. Paying a fair and reasonable price for your silver is one of the most important things that you can do.

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-Spot Price

-Investing in Silver

-Comparing Silver and Gold

There are certainly plenty of dealers that tend to charge way too much, offer lower quality items for their prices, and so on and so forth. Determine what your end goals are for investing in silver and precious metals and you will inevitably have a much smoother transition as you become familiar with silver bullion and coins. Bullion is not the same thing as coins, but in the end you are buying pure silver, which is really what's most critical. Regardless, always be aware of what you are buying and what your options are before blindly making any big decisions, be it for an investment or a collection.

Numismatic Directory

All articles in this section deal with numismatics, ranging from the basics of coin collecting to advanced dynamics involving some of the rarest coins in the world. Each of the following articles was written by an expert in the world of silver coins and numismatics and every author has several years, and often times decades, of experience in the industry.

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It is common for many people to feel like silver is a very complicated thing. You will see silver running across the ticker of your TV along with stock prices, but the truth is that it is actually one of the simplest commonly traded assets on any market anywhere. Silver is nothing more than a metal. There is absolutely nothing artificial whatsoever about it. You can't make more silver than already exists, you can only mine what has yet to be found. It has real value, real use, and real scarcity. These qualities, together, make silver the commodity that it is. Learn about silver and understand what it really is. Not only will you be smarter for it, you will also feel much more comfortable when you are in the market to complete a purchase.

Buying Silver

Learning about the various elements of silver is only the first step towards actually making an investment and getting involved in the market. The next mission that you will need to embark on is the actual process of buying the silver itself. Luckily, learning about silver is much more than half the battle. Figuring out how to buy, where to buy, what to buy, and so on is really very simplistic.

Our guides on buying silver are the core of this site and comprise its very existence. Thorough walk-throughs will make it clear, even for the newest buyer, exactly how the process of buying silver works. You don't need to have a broker, you don't need to be on Wall Street, all that you really need is a little bit of money and a computer. Contrary to what you might have been expecting, it really is that easy.

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-Where to Buy Silver

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-Silver for IRAs

Understanding how to buy silver will allow you to ultimately reach the most important phase in your initial investment in precious metals. After you understand the inner workings and dynamics of buying silver, you will need to locate a dealer to place an order with. Just as you would shop around for a vehicle at multiple dealerships, you should also consider which silver websites or companies are most worthy of your business. Analyze our articles that outline what types of silver are available where, what type of service you should come to expect, and much more. The chances are that once you complete your first successful purchase of silver, you will only end up coming back for more down the line.