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Silver Britannia Bullion Coins

Silver Britannias are the most modern, widespread coin in the secondary market today. With their initial release coming in 1997, ten years after the first gold version of the coin, the Britannia is almost brand new when compared to long time staples like the Maple Leaf and Eagle. As a result of how new this coin is, many collectors and investors remain unfamiliar with it. If you are living outside of Britain, or at least outside of the UK and/or Europe, there is a good chance that you have never even run across this coin. Buying this coin online is about the only option you will have as very few brick and mortar dealers will have them readily available in their stores.

Design of the Silver Britannia

One element of this coin that separates it from most others is the fact that it is available in a number of different sizes, as you would expect to find with gold coins. The majority of silver coins can only be found in one ounce varieties, with a few countries offering limited quantities of 2 oz. editions. The Britannia, however is minted as a 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1/2 oz. coin in addition to the standard one ounce. Though most people are still going to chase after the 1 oz. coin, this gives buyers the opportunity to mix up the types of silver that they own.

Silver Britannia

The actual minted design of the Britannia has remained the same since its first run. A standing Britannia can be found on the reverse side of each minted piece, making it easily recognizable and distinguishable from all other coins. Since 2007, there have been a handful of special edition coins that vary in design. The obverse side of the coin carries a depiction of Queen Elizabeth in addition to an engraving of the weight and value of the coin, as well as the year of release.

Value of Silver Britannias

Britannias are on the lower end of the coin spectrum in terms of pricing. It is not difficult to find the most recent Britannias at $5-$10 over spot per ounce. For older coins, the price is often times even less than this. Proof Britannias offer a tremendous value, especially when compared to the cost of most other Proof coins that are minted by other countries. At around $25-$50 over spot, these proofs are very affordable. If you have been hung up on the cost of other Proof coins, but really want to add some proofs to your portfolio, Britannias are a great place to start.

Buy Silver Britannia Coins

Britannia coins are exceptionally rare when compared to other coins. With production runs of 100,000 uncirculated coins and just 2,500 Proof coins and sets per year, they are hardly abundant. As a result, the bulk of these coins wind up in their land of origin, Britain. You might be able to find the random stray coin in a shop that is in the United States or Canada, but it will be much easier to simply order them online. Most major coin and bullion dealers do have an ample supply of this coin available, and despite their rarity, they will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Silver Britannias are one of the best ways to diversify. Though they are unlikely to skyrocket in value, it is safe bet that they will not drop off either. Many people are buying up this coin as they decide to mix up their portfolios. If you buy a few Britannias, you will know that you own a coin that many people just don't own. They are in a unique spot in that they serve as a wonderful investment vehicle from both the silver content and collectible value aspect. Instead of hedging on one or the other, Britannias allow buyers the chance to profit from their rarity and inherent silver value alike.