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Bulk Purchases of Silver Bullion

Silver is frequently bought in bulk quantities, with the primary reason being that it is a common investment vehicle. If you are thinking about making a substantial order of silver bullion, you should consider a number of different factors. First and foremost will be pricing. As you enter the "bulk" end of the silver buying spectrum, you are more likely to run into deals on pricing by the ounce. You should be sure to take advantage of these discounts wherever you can as they will really add up over time.

What is Bulk?

Bulk is a term that is always relative. Buying 100 paperclips at a time is not bulk, but buying 100 light bulbs at a time is bulk. With silver, many people tend to underestimate what the term bulk really means. In fact, there is only a very small percentage of silver buyers who would fall into the bulk category.

In silver, 100 ounces is the standard benchmark when it comes to identifying the difference between normal and bulk sized orders. This is the level at which you can expect to receive more sizable discounts off the total price of your order and also where you will run into larger pieces of silver.

100 oz bars are abundant and serve as one of the most traditional forms of investment in silver. These large bars are also often times used in IRAs and other investment strategies that were typically regarded as cash only options. Whether you are buying 100 single ounce bars or 10 ten ounce bars, 100 oz. is 100 oz., and most people will consider this quantity to be bulk.

Saving on Bulk Orders

The actual amount that you save on a bulk order of silver bullion is going to largely depend on what types of silver you are buying. For example, it will usually be cheaper to buy a single 100 oz. bar than it will be to buy a ton of 1 oz. bars at a time, even if the weight equals the same amount. Since there is no set in stone way to save the most money on silver, the best thing to do is to compare what you would save with different types of orders. This requires doing nothing more than calculating your savings for one type of silver when compared to another.

Where to Buy Silver in Bulk

As you probably guessed, the internet is the best place to buy silver in bulk. You will find a lot more dealers that have significant quantities of silver available online than you will offline. In fact, many brick and mortar silver dealers won't even have 100 oz. on hand at all times to sell. Online, however, you will be able to mix and match in any way that you would like in order to hit the 100 oz. plateau.

The one catch to buying silver in bulk online is that you will sometimes run up a decent sized shipping bill. By that same token, however, a bulk order is going to save you money in the long run when you consider the cost per ounce. If you are buying a few ounces over and over again, you are going to ultimately spend more money on shipping than you would if you just made one big order. The key to making your savings significant when buying silver online is to make the orders as large as you can. You are only going to be selling yourself short of potential profits if you run up your added costs on each order.

In terms of availability, pretty much all types of silver are going to be somewhat readily available at all times through most silver websites. If there is one thing that might hold true, it is that the exact brands offered will vary from time to time. Because products minted by particular companies are in permanent shortage, the actual supplies are going to fluctuate from time to time. Silver is never going to be that different based on the mint that produces it, though, so this shouldn't be a very big worry for most buyers, especially when investment is the main goal.