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Buying Silver Bullion in Canada

Silver buyers in Canada are at an immediate disadvantage, there is no doubt about it. Aside from buying in local gold and silver stores, there are not a whole lot of options that are available to those ordering from Canada. The internet doesn't offer much help to these buyers either, unfortunately. The reason that so many silver websites do not sell to Canada is found mainly in the shipping and general processing costs.

Shipping to Canada is quite risky from the United States or anywhere else because the risk of lost, stolen, or damaged items is very high. When items have to go through customs, they are prone to being picked up by the employees who work there. It just isn't a safe and secure proposition for silver dealers who don't stand a whole lot to gain.

If you live in Canada and have not already explored the option, looking for local brick and mortar silver dealers is definitely going to be your best option. The inherent issue with this is that even the dealers in Canada tend to be prone to more silver shortages than their more southern counterparts. With all of this said, however, it is definitely not impossible to buy silver for Canadian citizens.

What to Expect

Even if a silver website does not publicly make sales available to Canadians, this doesn't necessarily mean that they wouldn't be willing to accommodate your order. So, what do you need to do? Well, the first step is to call or email the company in question in an attempt to see if something could be coordinated for delivery of silver to your place of residence. If you are able to secure a dealer who is willing and able to process your order, you should be expecting some added fees.

For buyers of silver in the US, shipping costs tend to be pretty minimal. Shipping from state to state does not cost a whole lot in most cases, so there isn't any fees being passed along to the end buyer. If you are in Canada, however, the exact opposite is true. The most crucial elements of shipping silver to Canada are found in tracking and insurance.

Tracking can be a big hassle because a lot of companies only make this service available for certain shipping methods. And even when it is available, they tend to charge an arm and a leg for it. Now, silver dealers could simply omit the tracking, but this would then leave them wide open to fraud when customers claimed that items weren't delivered in an attempt to get their money back.

Insurance is a big hurdle because of the increased rate in which items are either lost or damaged. While damage is not a particularly big problem with most types of silver, the items being lost certainly are. Lost can often times mean stolen, so there is a big risk that any employee of a delivery service can take the items at some step of the process. For this reason, many silver websites ambiguously label their boxes so that no one is aware of what is actually being kept inside the box.

This article may not have solved your issue of not being able to buy silver online from Canada, but we hope that you now have a better understanding of why so many dealers just don't offer it. As was mentioned earlier, it is always worth asking in case you might be able to set up a deal with the seller, but Canadian silver buyers will almost always be forced to put in a little more effort when it comes to ordering their bullion online.