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Buying Silver Online with Free Shipping

If you are shopping for silver on the internet, saving money on shipping can be one of the easiest ways to increase your bottom line. Free shipping is not something that is readily available at most any silver dealers online, but there are some places that make it available from time to time. When you do run across a free shipping offer, however, you will need to take a closer look at it in order to see what you are really getting.

There is a big difference between getting free shipping that takes weeks and includes no tracking and free shipping that is sent priority mail with insurance. Free may be free, but you need to check that paying for the shipping isn't actually the best option.

Why Silver Shipping is Rarely Free

For silver websites and companies, shipping is going to be a significant cost. As you likely already know, shipping orders can become quite heavy which in turn is going to cost a lot to ship. It is not even necessarily the size or weight of the package that is going to really add to the cost, but instead the insurance that needs to be added. If silver dealers did not send their orders with insurance, they would be putting both themselves and the buyers at risk. Any item that is lost, stolen, or damaged would be a lost cause if there was no insurance included. As a result of all of this, shipping as a whole ends up being a pretty large expense.

Another reason that shipping isn't often free for silver is because of the packaging and time involved. Most silver is going to be packed quite securely which is going to require added materials and/or time. Though you might not think of time spent preparing orders as an expense, it most definitely is to the silver websites you are buying from. This is just another example of a cost that you might not consider at first glance, but that is really going to affect the silver dealers expenses.

Finding Free Shipping

The best way to find free shipping offers at silver websites is to simply shop around. As was mentioned earlier in this article, the odds are that you are not going to be able to find very many offers available. If there is one way that you can find this type of promotion, it is to call and see if certain minimum orders will qualify for free shipping. There are some silver stores that won't offer free shipping on most orders, but that will offer free delivery if you buy a set amount of bullion.

Free shipping is something that is going to usually be very short term. It could be here today and gone tomorrow, so you should be sure to take advantage of these offers while you can. There just isn't enough room for the majority of dealers to offer free shipping on a permanent basis, and this is the reason why so many buyers jump at the chance to order silver with free shipping when the opportunity arises.

What Should Be Included

Though the first step is to find the free shipping itself, the next thing that you need to do will be to figure out exactly what is included in the offer. Sometimes a silver dealer will offer free shipping but will skim on what they normally offer. For example, the standard shipping might take a few days, include tracking, and also be insured. If you are getting free shipping, however, it could be sent parcel post which will end up taking weeks to get to you. Of course, some of these disadvantages will be irrelevant if you do not mind waiting a bit longer for your products to arrive.

Shipping time itself is not the only facet of mailing that should be monitored. The tracking and insurance that are included will be just as, if not more important. Insurance is going to frequently cost more than the shipping itself, so you should make sure that this is going to be included. This should be done not only to ensure that you are getting solid value out of the offer, but also in an effort to protect yourself. After all, free shipping will be worth nothing at all if the items get lost or damaged on the way and you have no recourse. In the end, most free shipping offers are going to be worth checking out, but it never hurts to make sure that you have all of the details.