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Golden State Mint Silver Bullion

Founded in 1974, Golden State Mint is a private company with a long history of minting top quality precious metal products. The company has produced millions of rounds and bars, and is known for some of the shortest lead times in the industry, frequently beating their guaranteed delivery times. A member of the American Numismatic Association since 1988, Golden State is considered to be among the top private mints in the world.

Golden State Mint uses state-of-the-art processes to create top-quality gold, silver, and copper rounds. Its specialized process of producing silver blanks results in very little waste, resulting in the best pricing possible for silver bullion.


Golden State mints one troy ounce silver rounds, as well as smaller, fractional sizes. Their most popular designs include buffalo rounds and Incuse Indian rounds. These unique designs are what sets Golden State Mint apart from other private mints, many of which simply mark their bullion products with the mint name, silver purity, and weight.


All GSM silver bullion products are struck in .999+ fine silver; Golden State also offers a smaller selection of gold and copper rounds. Their fractional products are particularly popular among investors who plan to hold silver as a hedge against a collapse of the present currency.

In addition to its own designs, Golden State Mint will also mint custom-designed metal rounds. With an in-house die maker and access to skilled coin design sculptors, Golden State can produce both two- and three-dimensional custom round designs.


Clients of Golden State Mint include collectors, investors, dealers, and banks. When purchasing directly from Golden State, there is a 100 troy ounce minimum order. For international orders, the minimum is 500 ounces. You may mix and match to total 100 cumulative ounces; many investors choose a selection of one-ounce and fractional silver rounds to meet this minimum requirement.

Golden State Mint rounds are also available through a number of third-party dealers, so purchasing through a coin dealer can be a way around these restrictions. Many large coin dealers, including both online and local dealers, carry a selection of Golden State Mint products.

Orders may not be placed online, since prices are based on the current spot price of silver. All orders must be placed by phone during live market hours to lock-in the current price. However, the Golden State Mint website does publish their price per round over the silver spot price to help investors calculate the current price of their bullion products. This premium is based on the quantity of coins purchased, with lower premiums for larger orders.

Payment and Shipping

There is no shipping charge for orders of at least 500 ounces. All shipments, regardless of size, are sent fully insured. Payment may be made via bank wire, money orders, cashiers check, or personal check. Wire transfer payments must be received within 36 hours of the order, or the locked-in price may be recalculated. For mailed payments, prices are locked in at the time of purchase for up to 7 business days. Golden State Mint does not accept payment via credit card, debit card, or PayPal.