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Investing in Silver as a Commodity

Most types of investing are complicated, there is no doubt about it. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that most people thing investing in silver is wildly complex, especially for beginners. The reality is that silver is one of the most basic, fundamental, and easy to understand forms of investing. You are buying a real, tangible thing, which eliminated much of the confusion that arises with areas like stocks.

At the root of it, silver is a commodity. Commodities are technically traded on stock markets, but they are hardly the same thing. With stocks, buyers are putting their money into a company, essentially buying a portion of the equity in the company itself. With silver, however, buyers own actual metal in their hand.

Types of Silver Investing

There is a defined difference between investing in silver through a broker or on stock markets and buying actual physical metal. If you invest in silver through the markets, you will be purchasing what are known as ETFs, or Electronically Traded Funds. These are a virtual representation of the silver that you actually own.

You won't have anything delivered to you, no one is watching over some piece of silver somewhere in a distant land, and you will never see a picture of what you bought. This is the way that many day traders and big wall street investors trade silver, and it is also the primary indicator of the spot price in precious metals.

The easiest and most logical way to invest in silver is to buy the actual metal. You should be able to hold and feel what you own, not simply hope that your piece of paper really stands for what it says it does. Real silver can be ordered over the internet or at a local store. You probably own some silver and are not even aware of it, be it in your car or something else. The reason why owning physical silver is the smartest investment decision is simple.

With an ETF, you never actually have physical possession of a metal. It is a fact that there is no actual silver available to cover all of the ETFs that float around. Should they one day collapse, you would be left holding nothing more than a worthless piece of paper. With physical silver, though, you always know how much you own and will always have easy access to it should you decide to move it or sell it.

Long Term Investment Qualities

Now that you understand the different ways that you can buy silver, you need to learn about the long term dynamics of silver and why it is a smart long term decision. Silver has been around for thousands of years, for as long as documented history as existed. Since that time, it has been traded among common people and the wealthy alike. It has real value and is truly scarce.

With paper money, you are trading on nothing more than faith in a currency. Should that currency collapse, you would be left with nothing whatsoever. In owning silver, you will be protecting yourself from the possibility of winding up broke due to an economic collapse.

Silver is needed for everyday uses. It will always be in heavy demand and will never lose its natural qualities. As a result of this, you will always own something that is in worldwide demand. The trade off with silver vs. something like stocks is that you will generally have somewhat minimal returns.

You are exchanging massive risk for the security that precious metals offer. You won't need to worry about massive dives, as the climb of silver is steady and sound, through both ups and downs. Yes, stocks might offer huge returns over short periods of time, but they can also fall apart in a matter of days. Use silver as a protectionary investment measure to ensure that your net worth is always kept in tact as best as possible.