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Johnson Matthey Silver Bullion

Johnson Matthey is one of the most trusted private silver mints in the world. The company traces its roots to 1817, when Percival Norton Johnson founded his gold assaying business in London. Soon, George Matthey joined the firm, and it became the Official Assayer & Refiner to the Bank of England. The company has grown substantially since that time; Johnson Matthey is now regarded as a multinational chemicals and precious metals company.

The company's Precious Metals division refines and mints precious metals including gold and silver, as well as platinum, palladium, and iridium. Johnson Matthey is the world's leading distributor of platinum, and is also highly regarded for its production of silver bars.


For nearly two centuries, Johnson Matthey has been an internationally trusted name for quality silver bars. Their technical excellence and expert knowledge is unrivaled in the silver industry. Johnson Matthey silver bars are considered to be one of the most secure physical silver investments. JM silver bullion is considered to be an excellent investment choice.

Because of their high reputation, their hallmark is widely recognized around the world, making Johnson Matthey silver bars among the most liquid forms of physical silver. In particular, Johnson Matthey silver is a common choice among investors who plan to store or sell their silver abroad, as the JM name is known worldwide. JM silver is also IRS approved for silver IRA accounts. As such, they are a popular choice among investors who wish to hold physical silver in their retirement account.

Pricing and Products

Johnson Matthey produces investment-grade silver bullion products carrying a low premium over the spot price of silver. Because of the large scale of their operations, JM has some of the lowest fabrication costs in the industry. This makes JM silver bars one of the most efficient ways to invest in physical silver.

100 oz JM

JM silver bars are made with .999 fine silver. All Johnson Matthey silver bar products are hallmark stamped with the Johnson Matthey name, alone with their individual serial number, purity, and weight. Bars bearing the JM hallmark are trusted by brokers and investors as being among the purest forms of silver bullion in the world. Silver bullion products made at the Johnson Matthey Chemical Plant in London range from 1 troy ounce to 100 troy ounces in weight. The company is best-known for its larger bars, though smaller sizes are available.

100 Ounce Bars

In particular, Johnson Matthey is well-known for their 100 ounce silver bars. These investment-grade silver bars are designed to store a great amount of wealth in a relatively small space. Their 100-ounce silver bars are a universally recognized standard. Each bar measures approximately 6.5×2.5×1.25 inches, and is designed to stack efficiently, making it easy to store and transport your wealth in JM silver bars.


The packaging of JM silver bars depends on their size. One-ounce bars come packaged in sheets of thick yet flexible plastic. Each sheet contains ten one-ounce bars, which may be cut apart and sold individually. Larger bars, such as the 100-ounce bar, are not sealed inside this type of packaging.