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Mexican Silver Libertad Bullion Coins

The Mexican Libertad is one of the oldest silver coins that a lot of modern day collectors do not own. Though it is definitely popular in its native land, the coin has never gained significant notoriety among the average collector. The reasons for this are numerous.

First, it is not produced in massive quantities. One of the pre-requisites for a very abundant coin in the secondary marketplace is the availability of the coin itself. With the Libertad, even if there was a huge demand for it, there would not be nearly enough coins to go around. With that said, however, the coin's relative rarity is one of the very reasons why it is in higher demand than an average American Eagle, for example.

Mexican Libertads were first minted in 1982. Though the coin is actually now produced in a number of different weights, the first coins were only made available in 1 ounce sizes. Unlike most all silver coins, the Libertad can be found in sizes that range upwards of 1 ounce and include 2 ounces and 1 kilogram. This is one of the appealing aspects of the coin, especially for collectors.

Design of the Silver Libertad

The front of the coin features an elaborate outline of a handful of Mexican volcanoes, which sit in the backdrop of a winged Victoria of the Mexican Independence Victory Column. The entire design is very ethnic, paying homage to the land in which it represents. There is absolutely nothing bland about this coin, and if you own a few others, you will certainly notice that it sticks out from the crowd.


Though the reverse side of the coin is the main attraction from an illustrative point of view, the obverse side, too features historical Mexican carvings. When you view the obverse, you will know that you are holding a Mexican Libertad by the defined coat of arms. In addition to one sizable coat of arms, there is a ring of coat of arms that aims to decorate the remainder of the coin.

Value of Silver Libertads

Silver Libertads are one of the best deals in all of coin collecting provided that you are able to buy them in good condition. One of the things to look out for with these particular coins is whether they are actually in uncirculated condition. Many Libertads are either used in actual trade or simply mishandled in collections.

A fair price for the majority of standard backdated Libertads is around $5-$10 over spot. Your absolute best bet in terms of bang for your buck is to find a proof Libertad.  Most proof coins have substantial markups, but the Libertad is unique in that it can be had for around $30 over spot, which is a bargain no matter what you compare it to.

Buy Silver Libertad Coins

Silver Libertad coins are best purchased online. The one exception to this rule is if you live in Mexico or in a bordering state or country. Most silver dealers in the United States do not have this coin in their stores with any sort of regularity, and the few coins that they do manage to get in are likely to be quite beat up. Buying Libertads online makes a lot more sense than driving around from shop to shop just hoping to snag a few loose coins.

If condition is a concern of yours, seek out a proof edition. As alluded to above, the proofs are not all that expensive, and they will guarantee some peace of mind so that you know your coin is in top shape.