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NTR Metals Silver Bullion

NTR Metals is a global company offering precious metal refining and minting services. The company refines more than 30 million pounds of metal every year through dozens of locations throughout the U.S. and abroad, turning scrap jewelry and other products sent by jewelers and pawnbrokers into solid gold and silver bars. NTR Metals is one of the world’s largest precious metals companies, serving more than 20,000 companies as well as individual investors. Based in Dallas, NTR Metals is known for minting investment-grade bullion bars in gold and silver.


The gold and silver bars minted by NTR Metals contain metals from their Commercial Refining Division, enabling the company to maintain complete control over the precious metals contained in their bullion products. NTR is one of the most fully-integrated precious metal companies in the world, managing the entire lifecycle of the metal to maintain high quality control.

10 oz NTR Silver Bar

NTR Metals only mints pure silver (.999 fine) and pure gold (.9999 fine) bullion. Their industry-recognized bullion includes silver bars in 1, 10, and 100 ounce sizes, as well as gold bars weighing one kilogram. All of their minted products are carefully inspected by hand for consistency and quality before being packaged. Designed for precious metal investments, the quality, purity, and weight of all NTR Metals bullion is guaranteed.

The appearance of each NTR Metals silver bar is relatively simple and generic. Each is stamped with the NHR Metals logo, the weight, and the silver purity. They are fairly recognizable by bullion traders. On the other hand, collectors expecting a beautiful design worthy of showing off would be better served by other bullion products.


NTR Metals bullion bars are designed for investors who seek to own physical gold or silver while minimizing the risk associated with high per-ounce premiums. The premiums on NTR bars are among the lowest in the industry, typically a very small percentage above the spot price of silver. The precision and efficiency for which NTR Metals is known leads to some of the lowest per-ounce prices, making this a good option for investors who are primarily interested in assembling a large quantity of physical silver bullion.

Orders for NTR Metals bars may not be placed online, and NTR Metals locations are not open to the public. NTR Metal bars may be ordered by phone through their bullion trading desk, or purchased from a number of third-party precious metal dealers who carry NTR Metals products.


Bars minted by NTR Metals are RF heat sealed in a unique polyvinyl chloride (PVC) casing. Ten bars are contained in one sheet; this may be cut apart, enabling the bars to be sold or stored separately. This plastic casing protects the finish of the bar from oxidation or damage due to handling. The plastic is thick yet flexible, protecting the bars while allowing for ease of storage. This packaging method allows the bars to be sold individually, or in sheets of ten, and is preferred by investors purchasing a large quantity of silver bars at once due to its ease of transport and storage.