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SilverTowne Silver Bullion

SilverTowne, founded in 1949 by Leon Hendrickson, is one of the oldest and most respected dealers of rare coins, modern coins, and precious metals. The company has grown from a single store to a multi-million dollar business with an online website featuring dozens of coins and bullion products. For several decades, SilverTowne has also produced its own silver bars, sold alongside bars, rounds, and coins produced by top government and private mints.


The SilverTowne site carries SilverTowne silver bars, as well as silver and gold bullion from a variety of other mints, in addition to both rare and modern coins. The site specializes in art bars with a variety of themes, and also carries investment-grade silver bullion bars. They carry a wide selection of products for investors as well as collectors, from Canadian Silver Maples and American Silver Eagles to silver rounds featuring a variety of themes designed for gift-giving.


The SilverTowne Mint produces silver bullion bars in 1, 5, and 10 ounce sizes. Each bar is custom minted or poured in .999 fine silver at the SilverTowne Mint. These investment-grade bars carry the SilverTowne name, purity, and weight, with a waffle pattern on the reverse. Some SilverTowne 5 ounce bars feature a prospector with a donkey on the obverse, with the waffle pattern on the reverse. SilverTowne silver bars are sold both through their own website and through a number of third-party precious metal dealers.

SilverTowne bars are popular among investors for their low premium over the spot price of silver. On the other hand, some customers have complained that the hand-poured bars produced here vary greatly in terms of eye appeal; some have uneven or pock-marked surfaces, for example.

While this is a concern for some investors, others feel that 'silver is silver,' and are not overly concerned about the eye appeal of their silver bars. Some investors even prefer these bars for their added “personality” when compared with the usual silver bars. Purchasers report that SilverTowne silver bars always weigh what they should, regardless of their appearance.

The SilverTowne Mint also provides custom minting for companies, organizations, and the military, and has been one of the leading suppliers of commemorative coins made from gold, silver, and non-precious metals for more than two decades. The only drawback of the company is that they tend to have production problems during times of high demand, so if there has been a recent drop in silver prices, your order may be delayed a long time.

Prices and Shipping

When buying directly from SilverTowne, there is no minimum order. There are no credit card fees, and the site frequently offers deals for free shipping. Because SilverTowne is both the manufacturer and the retailer, the prices offered on their own silver bars tend to be among the lowest per-ounce silver prices in the industry. This pricing structure has made SilverTowne a favorite among small-volume investors such as those who purchase one or two coins with each paycheck.

Customers report that SilverTowne has some of the fastest shipping of any online precious metal dealer. All purchases are backed by a 10-day, money-back guarantee. If you are in Indiana, visit the SilverTowne showroom to see a large selection of coins and precious metals.